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Digital cardioscope for veterinary use
Heart frequency rata: 20 - 350 bpm
ECG unit detachable from stethoscope tubing
Pocket size and proven professional design
ECG & stethoscope in one unit
Computer based ECG recording technology
Special comb shaped gold-plated electrodes
High-resolution display of the ECG and heart rate data
Leads I - II -III
Auto scaling of ECG amplitudes
Sampling frequency: 256 Hz
Frequency response: 0,05/0,5 - 40 Hz (-3dB)
Recording speed of 12.5, 25 or 50 mm/s
Data storage (in-unit) up to 16 minutes
  and 99 patients records
RS-232/USB PC-Interface
PULSONIC software for data transfer to PC
Battery duration: Approx. 120 hours
Standard stethoscope plus
  provides clear acoustics
Tubing length: 68 cm (27") standard
    83 cm (33") (optional, ideal for equine use)
Weight: Approx. 195 g
  (PC-cable and ECG-cable included)