Preserving biological products
   ESPACE Liquid Phase

Preserve large quantities of your samples bagsvials or straws with appropriate attachments in the ESPACE LIQUID line.
Bag --> a great many adapted racks to the different bags for an optimized capacity.  2ml vial --> Cryoplastic box or canister and vials metallic holder. 
5ml vial --> Cryoplastic box or canister and vials metallic holder. 
Straw -- >
rack with drawers + visotubes or canisters + goblets + visotubes.

 You will appreciate :

With its wide neck (ESPACE 151/331/661) and rotating drum (ESPACE 331/661), access to preserved products is immediate.
The protective cardboard cassette adapted to all the models and volumes of bag, and to our storage columns.
The individual vials boxe locking system.
The attachment for straws gives instant access to products and better structured storage.
A complete line of electronic devices (level indicator, temperature indicator, automatic filling system, alarms... ...
 With the Liquid ESPACE line, your samples are totally immerged in liquid nitrogen.