GT Line

Vessels designed for long term storage of 100 up to 3,000 straws in plastic or stainless steel canisters.

TR-TP Line

Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen storage and dispensing vessels, 35 up to 100 litres.

Non-pressurized liquid nitrogen storage vessels, 7 up to 100 litres, with a wide range of accessories.


The line of dewars designed for easy use of small volumes of liquid nitrogen - 0.5 up to 6 litres.


ARPEGE Liquid Phase

Storage vessels in liquid phase for biological material stored in cryo-tubes (from 750 up 6,000 units) or in straws (up to 60,000 units).

Voyegeur Line

A dedicated line transportation vessels for biological and pharmaceutical samples which uses a porous material that absorbent and hold liquid nitrogen enabling the samples to she shipped in a gaseous or 'dry' phase.

RCB & Espace Line

Long term, large capacity, stainless steel storage vessels designed to efficiently keep samples in a liquid nitrogen phase.


The NICOOL LM10 is a mini-freezer designed for small quantities of biological products.(vials or vertical straws).